Thursday, January 26, 2012


Hello, welcome to my 505 semester long project!

Growing up in the small town of Pacific Grove, I knew I wanted to get into graphic design as a teenager in high school. With my love of magazines and books, I began to find a passion for page layout. A career path in graphic design became a set goal of mine after visiting the home of Sunset magazine. When deciding which college to attend, I knew SFSU would be the best choice for a place that holds so much opportunity (and now is an inspiration for me everyday). 
I am one semester away of completing my BS Visual Communications degree. Continuing with where I started, I am still very interested in print design, but I also am interested in furthering my knowledge of interactive design. 

My inspiration comes from the "places I've been, the people I've met, and the things I've done". I love exploring the city with the plethora of culture and art. The one place that has inspired me since childhood is nature itself. Being able to take a long hike while being surrounded by natural beauty brings me a calm mind, thus enabling me to dive into my own imagination.   

I wouldn't say there are specific influences on my work. When I visit an art gallery or a museum, and I see something that completely enamors me, I'll store it in the back of mind for later inspiration. Or when I stumble across a body of work that makes me stop for awhile to capture all the details, I become inspired to think in new ways. With all the information and work I have at my fingertips, there is so much that inspires me. 

The vision for my future is to be able to work in a collaborative work environment where the word "team" is important. I want to be able to go to work, and be inspired by the environment and the people around me. I would like to move my way up in such a company to a higher level position, like Art Director. Though, I don't want my work to be the only thing in my life.